Setup Gentle. How to remove

Setup Gentle is a useless adware application. It can get on your computer when you download freeware programs from fraudulent websites or if you click on third-party ads like “update your flash player!”. Setup Gentle is able to block the screen and show ads offering to download another adware like “Shopperz”, “NowUSeeIt Player” and so on. Here is our guide on how to get rid of Setup Gentle. Continue reading

Genie Cleaner (a.k.a. Super PC Cleaner). How to remove

What is Genie Cleaner

Genie Cleaner or Super PC Cleaner is positioned as utility for cleaning the system from junk and obsolete files. In fact it is able to perform only a few basic cleaning operations like deletion of the browser cache. We recommend that you remove Genie Cleaner because of its publisher’s ( bad reputation.  Continue reading

Chrome app started updating forcefully on Android while the new version of Chrome works badly on old devices

The latest versions of Chrome work bad on cheap or old Android devices. So many people used to turn off the auto-updates and use factory versions of Chrome on their budget devices (like Galaxy Ace series). But recently the Chrome app started forcefully updating to the last versions without permisson regardless the auto-update feature is disabled for the app. Continue reading

How to manually check for updates in Windows 10

Updates are downloaded and installed automatically by default. But you may want to check, download and install the updates immediately. Perhaps if you know that the next hours you will have only the metered Internet connection and it wouldn’t be convenient for you to download and install updates.  Continue reading

How to delete the Windows.old folder in Windows 10

How to delete windows.old in WIndows 10

Windows.old – what is it?

Windows.old stores the information about the previous installation on Windows OS. For example if you have upgraded to Windows 10 you can roll back and use your Windows 7 or 8.1. After you delete the Windows.old folder you would be unable to revert to the previous Windows version.  Continue reading How to remove is a browser hijacker. It can infect your browser when you install various freeware programs. After it has got to Chrome or Mozilla it would direct all your search queries to Google. So the site itself is absolutely useless. Read here how to remove // from browser and clean its remains out of the system.  Continue reading