Google Pixel And Windows 10: This Folder Is Empty. How To See Internal Storage

pixel windows 10 this folder is empty

In this article we will tell you about several methods to connect Google Pixel to PC or laptop, view the content such as files, folders, pictures, music and videos from Windows 10. You will be able to download and upload files to/from your phone.

The question asked by a user: How to connect Google Pixel to my computer under Windows 10 and view files and folders on the internal storage? The issue is when I plug in my Pixel to a desktop PC using USB I see an empty storage in the explorer: absolutely nothing is visible there and I can only see “This folder is empty”. 

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How to clear the call history on Google Pixel

Here is how to clear the call history on Google Pixel with stock Android and delete all records about incoming, outgoing and missed calls that ever took place.

You may want to use this option for different purposes: you don’t want your wife to know who called you last evening, or perhaps you are eager to use your old work phone as your private one and don’t want to accidentally call your colleagues.

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How to block a phone number on Google Pixel (Android 10, 9, 8, 7)

block phone number on Google Pixel under Android 7.1

You can use a block list feature if you want to block unwanted calls and text messages from a specific caller on Android. Today we will show how to add a phone number to the black list on Google Pixel under Android 8 or 7. Also read about how to review your blocked numbers list and unblock a certain caller.

After you blocked someone on your Google Pixel you won’t receive neither a sound nor even a blink of your display when the blocked subscriber tries to call you or send a text. You won’t see missed calls on your “Call history” list. You won’t see texts from banned numbers in your Messages app either. All calls from the blocked phone number will be rejected – the caller will hear the “busy” tone.

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