How to quickly translate the text on Android

You wish to translate a part of text of an article but you do not want Chrome to translate the whole web page? Today we will show you a very quick way to translate the selected text in browser (a single word or a phrase). By the way, how many taps do you perform on your Android device to see the translation of an unknown word on a website?

How to translate the word or phrase on Android

Install the Google Translate app from Google Play Market:

  1. Long press on the word (not the link). The word will be selected.
  2. Edit the selection or leave it as is if you would like to translate the single word.
  3. Press Share button:
  4. Select Translate
  5. The text will be translated using current settings of Google Translate app. Change the language or direction if you need to translate to or from another language:

I have this app on my every device because I read a lot of tech news in different languages every day. And I can say, it is awesome!

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