How to Set Up a Wi-Fi Hotspot on Android 8, 7. Android Phone as a Router

What is Wi-Fi Hotspot on Android

Wi-Fi Hotspot is a marvelous feature that allows you to use your Android phone or tablet as a router. Thus, you can share your mobile Internet connection via Wi-Fi with other devices: tablets, laptops, another phones, desktops, anything else that has built-in or external 802.11a/b/g/n compatible wireless module (or a Bluetooth capability as a backup variant). You can connect several client devices to your hotspot at the same time. Of course, they will share your bandwidth and the Internet speed will decrease proportionally. In Wi-Fi Hotspot mode your mobile data functions as the WAN port of a router and your Wi-Fi interface – as LAN ports. Here is our guide on how to set up a Wi-Fi hotspot on Android 8 and 7 and use your Android phone as a router.  Continue reading

How to Add Another Input Language on Android 8, 7, 6 or Remove Keyboard Language

add another keyboard language Android 8

When you initialize your phone during the first startup you select the system language (locale for UI). Android 8 and 7 automatically set it as your input language as well. For English-speaking countries it is usually enough to use default settings and have the single input language. But you might also need to have several input methods. For instance, you might want to communicate with your friends using German while you prefer using English for your work. Here is how to turn off the default settings and manually add another input language (or even several) to your current keyboard on Android 8 and 7. The guide works for Android 6 Marshmallow as well. Continue reading

Turn On Wi-Fi Automatically Near Your Wi-Fi Network In Android 8 Oreo

you are near a saved network

Android 8.0.0 Oreo has a feature that allows to automatically turn on Wi-Fi when you are in the area where your saved wireless network has a strong signal. It may be quite useful because your phone can turn on Wi-Fi by itself when it detects your home or office network so that you will never waste your mobile traffic in vain. The feature is enabled by default. Here is how you can enable or disable it when you wish.  Continue reading