Google DNS Servers, Benefits & How to Use

Google DNS Servers and

What is Google DNS

Google Public DNS represents two servers with IP addresses for IPv4 – and is the primary DNS, is the secondary one. Google DNS service is free to use and can be used by anyone who has access to the Internet. You can use Google servers IP instead of such provided by your ISP to improve the resolve time and as well as your security.

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How to Block Calls from Strangers on Android (Ban Numbers That Are Not in Contacts)

block calls from strangers

Here is the guide on how to block all incoming phone calls from numbers that are not in your contacts on Android phone: stock Android, Huawei, Xiaomi.

It’s quite simple to block a single caller on Android but what to do if you are attacked by a squall of calls from different strange phone numbers? Of course, you may ban them one by one but you will continue to receive unwanted calls from yet a new number each time.

In this case the white-list technology will help you out. You need to block all stranger (callers whose numbers are not added to your contacts) but let all your contacts easily reach you.

In this article we will explain how to block strangers using the built-in phone apps and do the same using third-party call managers.

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How to Increase the Flashlight Brightness on Galaxy S20, S10

If you ever used a flashlight on your Galaxy phone, you probably noticed that its brightness is “not the best on the market”. And some of you probably even got upset by comparing the brightness of the flashlight on your flagship Galaxy S20/S10/S9 to another phone. Don’t be upset! Because You Samsung Galaxy phone has a setting most of you are unaware of which allows to increase the flashlight brightness. Don’t worry, you don’t need to install any third-party apps.

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Fix ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED in Chrome on Android or Windows 10


What is ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED or Error 102 in Chrome on Android and Windows 10

ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED This Site Can’t Be Reached is a common error code that is also called Error 102. It can occur in browser due to certain issues. Running ahead, I can say that not always the culprit is a piece of malware or damaged cookies. You need to take some time to inspect your system and find out what exactly causes this error in your particular case.

In a nutshell, ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED basically means the following: you requested some web page, your browser sent a query to a remote server the website is hosted on and than something went wrong in connection. And instead of a proper reply from the remote host you received either nothing or some corrupted reply or incomplete data. Ultimately, you see the following message in the browser:

This site can't be reached. refused to connect. ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

If you are reading you must have faced it while browsing in Chrome. Read the corresponding section depending on where you face the error ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED – on Android or Windows 10. Don’t skip any step if you really want to fix the issue and make your browser open all websites correctly. Actually, you can also face the same error on Windows 8.1, 7, Server 2016, 2012, etc.

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How to Block Unknown (Private) Numbers on Android

Private Number calling how to block hidden unknown numbers

As you might know, nearly a half of all incoming calls are spam nowadays. Telemarketers use various tricks to get to you: sometimes they change the phone number to a local one, another time they try to hide the number to make you curious about who is calling you from private number and answer. The only goal, as a rule, is to sell you some product or service. In most cases it is reasonable to block anonymous callers, especially on your child’s mobile phone. In the latter case, you should do your best to protect children from the threats and evil jokes that often come from unidentified callers. First of all, you should always remember one simple thing: if you get an incoming call and the number is hidden, the callers have certain reasons to stay anonymous. Personally I never answer calls with “No caller ID” and try to block them if my current phone gives me such an option.

Here is our step-by-step guide on how to block annoying calls from unknown phone numbers on Android. Below you will find detailed guides on how to do this on various devices running different versions and ROMs including stock Android, OneUI, OxygenOS, EMUI, MIUI, etc.

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How to Block Calls from Private and Unknown Numbers on OnePlus Phone

OnePlus Block Calls from Private Unknown Numbers

If you own a OnePlus phone of any generation, you might know that there is no possibility to block calls from unidentified numbers (private, unknown, hidden) out of the box. If you search for the solution on the Internet you will possible find a lot of forum posts suggesting to install some third-party apps from dubious developers. Some of these apps are paid, some are free but will bother you with their ads. But the worst thing about call blocking apps that they often can’t actually block all unwanted calls including calls from unknown and private numbers.

Not so long ago, I also bought a OnePlus phone and quite soon I noticed that I could not block spam calls from restricted numbers. I was unpleasantly surprised and began to look for a solution to fix the issue. Surprisingly, I found a solution from Google. And by the way, it’s free and without ads.

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