‘Silence Unknown Callers’ to Block Calls from Unknown Numbers on iPhone

Some time ago we explained how to reject all unknown callers using the DND mode. But frankly it was a workaround rather than solution.

And here is the good news: finally iOS 13 brings us another marvelous feature that makes your iPhone automatically reject all unknown callers.

It works according to a simple algorithm: if the phone number of an incoming caller is not in Contacts, Messages or Email, it will be immediately rejected and you will hear no sound. Read how to activate it.

Follow the steps to activate “Silence unknown callers” on iPhone running iOS13 or later:

  • Go to the Settings: iPhone Settings
  • Scroll down to the middle of the page and tap on the Phone item: iPhone settings - phone section
  • Toggle on the Silence Unknown Callers option: silence unknown callers on iPhone

Just checking… I call myself from a number that is not listed neither in my contacts, nor in messages or email. The call was immediately rejected with a silent notification:

unknown caller has been silenced on iPhone
The unknown caller has been silenced on iPhone with iOS 13

Congratulations, iPhone users! No DND mode needed! What do you think about it? Tell us in the comments!

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