New Graphics Card for an Old PC – Yes or No?

new graphics card for old PC

My Case: 1660 Ti for Old Core2Quad-Based PC

Here is a breif post about how I tested nVidia GTX 1660 Ti with my old Intel Core2Quad Q9500. All my friends were telling me “It makes no sense to install a new video card in such an old computer with such an outdated processor because it won’t change anything! Don’t do stupid things!” but they were wrong.

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How to Record Sound Played on Windows 10 PC

Sound Forge recording music played in Chrome

In most cases all you need to record on your Windows PC is your voice. But what to do if you want to record sound that are played on your computer? In this guide you will find steps to configure Windows 10 to capture all audio including sounds played in browser, audio and video players, sound in games, system events, etc. Maybe, some of you will say “Why capture if you can download the sound?” The answer is “sometimes we can’t download or even find some audio effect, rare music track or interview as a file”. One day you will find this guide useful.

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How to Transfer a Large File from iPhone to Windows 10 PC (Mac)

video file uploaded to Google Drive from iPhone 11

In this guide I will explain my favorite quick way to wirelessly transfer a large video, audio or any other file from an iPhone to a Windows 10 PC or Mac without compressing and loss of quality.

The Backstory

I hate sending videos via Telegram, WhatsApp or Viber because messengers compress files severely: decrease resolution and bitrate. This option can be okay for sending small funny videos just to laugh and forget but they will kill the quality of your vacation footage shot in 4k 60 fps. You may say: “so share it using Google Photos app”. But the majority of users use the free plan on Google Photos where videos are also being compressed. So what to do if you want to wirelessly transfer a video file from your iPhone to your Windows 10 PC or Mac without losing the original quality? Say, you are eager to edit your video file on your computer but you don’t have an opportunity to connect your devices via USB. Here is my favorite method.

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How to Force Enable Flash for Photos on iPhone 11

iPhone 11 photos with forced flash

On iPhone 11 the camera app has a different design compared to such on iPhone 8, 7 and some other models. I often saw users to look for a compulsory “flash on” mode but they didn’t find it in the place. I mean, it is possible to force off, but it is impossible to force turn on. The icon indicates that the flash is on, but to the surprise of the user, it does not light up when taking picture. Here is how to force enable the flash in the native camera app on iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max.

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How to Get Rid of Annoying High Frequency Noise of AORUS Motherboards

If you are an owner of Gigabyte AORUS motherboard you probably should have faced the annoying high frequency noise. I was unpleasantly surprised at this noise when I purchased Z390 AORUS Pro mainboard but suddenly figured out how to get rid of it. In this guide you will find my tips on how to get rid of high-pitched noise produced by electronic components or at least make it much quieter. Presumably, the following steps should work fine on Z390 AORUS Pro Wi-Fi, Z390 AORUS Master and similar motherboard models. Keep reading.

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