How to Hide Front Camera Cutout on Galaxy Note 10

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ are known for their innovative and fresh design. Users are very happy to see a gentle front camera cutout right in the top middle of the screen instead of the design of Galaxy S10. But nevertheless some Note 10 owners would like to hide the camera hole. And in this guide we will explain how to do it and make your Galaxy Note look even nicer.

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How to View Saved Wi-Fi Password on Android 10 (No Root Required)

How to View Wi-Fi Password of Any Active or Saved Network on Android 10

With the latest Android 10 update my Pixel received a new cool feature. Now you can view the password for any Wi-Fi network saved in your phone. I mean, that you can view the wireless security key of any hotspot you previously connected to with no need to root your device.

The new feature is the native Share option, that Google added to the Wi-Fi section of the system settings. All screenshots that you will see in the guide were taken on Google Pixel with pure Android 10.

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How to Power Off or Restart Galaxy Note 10/10+

How to Power Off or Restart Galaxy Note 10, 10+

New Power Button Functions on Galaxy Note 10/10+

If you own a Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10+, you might get surprised at the fact that you can’t power off or restart your phone using the Power button. What? But this is true. Now you can only use this key to turn the screen on and off, lock the phone, power on the phone from the off state and … call Bixby. In Note 10/10+ Power button is Bixby button at the same time. And if you hold it when your phone is on, you will open the Bixby assistant – no matter how long you will hold it down.

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How to Disable Pop-Up Banner Notifications for YouTube on Android

Android has various options for notifying you about updates and events in apps. They act and feel different. Say, you may be totally okay to receive notifications in the shade, but at the same time you may severely dislike the pop-up banners appearing at the very top that can prevent you from tapping on this part of the screen in other apps or even on your home screen. The upper part of your screen will be simply unusable as long as the banner shows up. Besides that, you can be in the middle of tapping on something at the top of your screen when suddenly floating notification arrives and ultimately you tap on the banner instead of what you wanted to touch initially. Consequently, your Android device switches the app, starts to play something with sound, you feel like things got out of your control and all this is very annoying. In prior versions of Android the feature we are talking about was called Heads-up notifications. In this tutorial we will explain how to get rid of pop-up banners. For instance, we’d like to disable banner notifications about subscriptions, livestreams, comments & replies and messages in the YouTube app.

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Icons Size: New Way to Make App Icons Smaller or Larger on iPad

change app icons size iPad iOS 13

App icons size has always been the popular issue on iPhone and iPad. Someone wants to fit more icons on a single home screen, another person prefers bigger icons due to their age. Tastes differ. Over the years and until today, iPhone and iPad owners have resorted to a workaround – they used the Screen Zoom option to make app icons larger. But iPadOS 13 brought us a new marvelous native feature and now you can make app icons bigger or smaller at your taste and switch between the two icons sizes when you need it.

The method was introduced on July 2019 and is applicable to iPads running iPadOS version 13 beta 5 or later.

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