Make Galaxy S20, S10 Open Home Screen after Face Unlock (Disable ‘Stay on Lock screen’)

Samsung Galaxy S20 owners often complain that they need to swipe on the screen after they successfully authorize using the face unlock feature. Here is how to make your S20, S10 or Note take you directly to the home screen after you face unlock it. What’s the point of doing extra movements, especially if they don’t boost the security?

Follow the steps to disable swipe to unlock on Samsung Galaxy S20, S10, S9, Note 10:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Enter the Biometrics and security section
  3. Here select Face recognition
  4. Draw your current pattern or type your security code (PIN).
  5. Toggle off Stay on Lock screen
disable Stay on Lock screen face recognition Galaxy S10 S9
Galaxy S20, S10 or Note: Face unlock without swipe

From now on you will see your home screen after you face unlock your Galaxy S20, S10, Note 10, S9 and other models that run One UI 1.1 or One UI 2.0.

P.S. We do not recommend to disable “Lift to wake”. Otherwise you will need to press the Power button before using the face recognition feature! But you don’t like extra steps.

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  1. Thank you. A Samsung S10+ with stock Android or better yet Oxygen OS would be the ULTIMATE PHONE! Samsung’s One UI is better but IT STILL SUCKS


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