Google Photos is Stuck on Backing Up – How to Fix on Android 11, 10, 9

If Google Photos got stuck on Backing up or Getting ready to backup while your Android device is connected to Wi-Fi, here is what you can do to fix the problem and make your photos and videos successfully back up to Google cloud.

I have faced the same problem on Android 10 for several times after using the Google Photos app for about a week or so and it was the first solution that always helped me get rid of the glitch. Screenshots taken on Google Pixel with stock Android 10.

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Photos From the Camera Folder Stopped Syncing to Google Photos – How to Fix

On Android 10 storage access principles for apps have been revamped. And apart from the positive aspects, this may cause some access problems for individual applications.

I faced a weird issue after installing Android 10 Q Developer preview. Suddenly, I discovered that I no longer see the photos and videos that I take on the Google Pixel, in the Google photo gallery.

The funny thing was that all the screenshots I took and all the pictures from WhatsApp were in the gallery but there were no new items from camera – only those taken before my upgrade to Android 10 Q. The fix turned out to be simple.

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How to Delete Photos from Windows PC But Not to Remove Them from Google Photos

Backup and sync Preferences

How to Remove Files Deleted on PC from Google Disk But Not to Remove Deleted Photos from Google Photos

There is no problem with freeing up the device folder on your Android and almost no problem with clearing internal storage on your Apple device. But many of you don’t understand how to free up space on Windows 10 PC and not to delete photos and videos from Google Photos.

And you are shaking from the mere thought that when you delete photos from a PC they will be lost from Google Photos! Let’s find out how to arrange the things the right way. 

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How to Add Folders to Back Up & Sync in Google Photos on Android

Google Photos images roll

In my work I use images every day. People send me pictures and screenshots via email, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype and even via Bluetooth. And I hate when I miss or forget something. That’s why I prefer that all images from my Bluetooth, Downloads, Viber and other folders be backed up the same way as photos and videos from my camera are.

Actually when a new folder is created the Google Photos app will ask whether or not you want it to be synced to the cloud.

And this article is mostly for those who rejected such proposal but some time later changed their minds. Here is how you can add or remove folders located on your Android device which the Google Photos app will back up to the cloud. 

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Waiting for Wi-Fi: Google Photos Won’t Start Uploading With Wi-Fi Connected to a Mobile Hotspot

The issue

Our reader asked us a question. I faced a weird problem on my Samsung Galaxy J3 phone. I took cool photos and wanted them to sync to Google cloud to be able to share images with my partner.

Then, I connected to the Wi-Fi network, opened the Google Photos app and waited. But images din’t begin uploading. I saw the notification “Waiting for Wi-Fi. 2 photos left” despite my Galaxy phone is already connected to Wi-Fi.

There is another curious thing: I was outside and that’s why I was using another Android device in a Mobile Hotspot mode instead of connecting to an ordinary wireless router. Please, help me. How can I make my images won’t upload to the cloud? Thank you in advance.

Google Photos waiting for Wi-Fi while Wi-Fi connected

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