Photos From the Camera Folder Stopped Syncing to Google Photos – How to Fix

On Android 10 storage access principles for apps have been revamped. And apart from the positive aspects, this may cause some access problems for individual applications.

I faced a weird issue after installing Android 10 Q Developer preview. Suddenly, I discovered that I no longer see the photos and videos that I take on the Google Pixel, in the Google photo gallery.

The funny thing was that all the screenshots I took and all the pictures from WhatsApp were in the gallery but there were no new items from camera – only those taken before my upgrade to Android 10 Q. The fix turned out to be simple.

Photos and Videos Stopped Uploading to Google Photos on Android 10, 9 – How to Fix

If you see that all your stuff from the Camera folder stopped syncing to Google Photos cloud gallery, follow the steps to fix the problem:

  • Go to Settings > Apps & Notifications
  • Select Google Photos
  • Tap on Permissions
  • Give permissions to Photos & Videos: Google Photos photos & videos permission
  • Restart the app.

That’s it! Maybe, this was an accidental glitch that emerged during the upgrade to Android 10 Beta. But take it into account and follow the steps if you face the issue.

P.S. Don’t try to find the toggle which enables / disables the sync for the Camera folder in the app’s settings.

Please, let us know on what version of Android you encountered such a problem. Thank you in advance!

2 thoughts on “Photos From the Camera Folder Stopped Syncing to Google Photos – How to Fix”

  1. Hi. I have the same issue. My camera folder is not syncing to new phone (pixel 2 to pixel 4)

    I don’t see photos and videos as a choice (on either phone) when I go into permissions like you suggested. Storage and contacts are there. On the new phone, some items are there.. videos and some photos..but a small percentage. Maybe not full res ones?

    • Hi, I checked that a minute ago on my Pixel 1 that now has LineageOS 17.1 installed. I have no Photos & Videos category in permissions of Google Photos app any more. Quite a lot of time has passed since the writing of the article and Google is likely have changed the app a lot. Have you tried to clear all app data, connect to Wi-Fi, configure app from a scratch and wait for it to re-sync?

      P.S. It is funny, but I had the same problem (GP not syncing and very slow loading of photos) two weeks ago but on my iPhone 7. Only factory reset resolved the issue.


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