How to Change Lock Screen App Shortcuts on Samsung Galaxy S10, S9, Note

In this guide you will learn how to change Lock Screen apps on Galaxy S10, S9, Note running Android 9 Pie with One UI.

Phone and Camera are the default apps that show up on the lock screen of Samsung Galaxy S10, S9 and other modern Galaxy models. You can launch them quicker right from the lock screen by swiping from left and right corners respectively. But you may want to change default apps to those you use most often. And here is how to do it on Android 9 Pie with One UI.

Follow the steps to change app shortcuts on Galaxy S10, S9, Note 10, Note 9:

  • Head to Settings > Lock Screen: lock screen settings One UI
  • Scroll down and tap App shortcuts: App shortcuts for lock screen One UI
  • Now tap on the left or right shortcut setting depending on which one you wish to change: choose shortcut to change app
  • Look through the list of all apps you have currently installed and select the one you want to see on your lock screen: assign Google Chrome browser to a lock screen shortcut
  • Done! lock screen app shortcut changed
  • Repeat the steps for the right shortcut if you wish to replace that app as well. 

Be noted, that some apps (such as Phone) will ask for a security pattern or fingerprint before you can launch and use them. So there is actually no point in having them on your lock screen. I advise you to place those apps that don’t ask for authentication – for instance, Camera.

Checking the Result

Now press the Power key lock the screen of your Galaxy phone and you will see Chrome instead of Phone on the left.

change app shortcuts on the lock screen on Galaxy S10

In such a way you can assign any app you wish. Feel free to customize One UI on your Galaxy S10, S9 or Note, cause it is awesome!

Feel free to add extra tips on the topic in the comments!

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