How to Disable News Feed on Speed Dial of Opera in Windows

Starting with version 54 the Opera browser will show you news feed right on the Speed Dial page. It will be displayed under your favorite websites tiles. You can select news among various categories (arts, business, food, health, technology, etc) and definitely find something interesting for you because Opera will show you local content from your particular area. If you enjoy those suggestions leave everything as is. But we will show you how you can get rid of the news feed on the speed dial page of your Opera in a few clicks of a mouse if you it gets you annoyed. This can also be quite useful on slow computers.  Continue reading

How To Remove Your Sync Passphrase From Google Chrome

Some time ago we wrote about Sync Passphrase in Google Chrome. By the way, we strongly recommend that you set it up and use to provide extra-protection for your personal web data such as passwords for websites, banking credentials, bookmarks and surfing history. But in some cases you may need to disable the Sync Passphrase. For instance, if you forgot it or just want stop using because you believe your password from the Google account is very strong. And here is how to remove it on Windows 10 PC, Android device or iPhone/iPad.  Continue reading

How to Clear Cookies for a Specific Website in Firefox 60 or Newer

firefox remove cookies for specific website

When you visit a website in your browser it stores cookie files in a temporary folder on your computer. As you may know, they serve for your browser to “remember” what pages you visited and what action you did on that particular website. For instance, you don’t have to put in your username and password each time if you keep cookies. All browsers have an option to clear cookie files – you click on a button and all of them are being deleted. But here is how you can delete cookies for a specific website in Mozilla Firefox without affecting the others.  Continue reading

Skype Not Working. Stuck “Connecting” and Blue Status Icon

skype wont connect to the internet

Skype stopped working. The classic app won’t connect to the network and sign in to the user account (February 2018)

Skype has been glitching for at least a week by now. When you launch the classic app (UWP) it shows you a blue icon and displays Connecting… in the status bar but won’t connect and shows your contacts as offline. Here is 4 solutions to fix Skype sign-in and connectivity issues that you can face in February 2018.

How the Skype Connectivity Issue Looks Like

I think that many of those who use the classic Skype application now are confronted with the fact that it stopped working and does not connect to the Internet. The program starts, but below it says “Connecting…” and instead of green icon a blue one with animated arrows is displayed. If you click Help > Check for updates, it offers to download a new version, even supposedly it downloads it, but after clicking “Install Now”, the installation does not start. And the problem is not solved accordingly. In this article, read how to get Skype to connect to the server and work so that you can call, exchange messages, send and receive files.   Continue reading