How To Disable Material Design For Google Chrome Settings Page

Since the 59th version released in summer 2017 Google has switched Chrome Settings page to modern material design UI. Here is how you can disable material design and switch Chrome Settings back to classic view if you don’t like the new look of the page.  Chrome Settings Page New material design

Steps Required To Disable New Material Design In Chrome’s Settings Page

  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Copy the address chrome://flags/#enable-md-settings , paste it into the address bar and hit Enter:
  3. Select Enable Material Design settings to DisabledChrome disable material design
  4. Click RELAUNCH NOW to apply settings: Chrome relaunch now

After your Chrome launches again you will have classic layout of the Settings page that is so familiar to you: Chrome Settings classic design

Note, that in the nearest future this option may stop working and disappear from “flags”. By the way, you can switch the Settings page to modern material design at any time – just set the mentioned option to “Default”.

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