How to Delete Photos from Windows PC But Not to Remove Them from Google Photos

How to Remove Files Deleted on PC from Google Disk But Not to Remove Deleted Photos from Google Photos

There is no problem with freeing up the device folder on your Android and almost no problem with clearing internal storage on your Apple device. But many of you don’t understand how to free up space on Windows 10 PC and not to delete photos and videos from Google Photos.

And you are shaking from the mere thought that when you delete photos from a PC they will be lost from Google Photos! Let’s find out how to arrange the things the right way. 

Our Purpose

So, once again: we need to configure Backup and Sync utility in such a way that:

  1. All files and folders deleted from d:\GoogleDrive on your Windows PC should be immediately removed from your Google Drive (Google One) cloud.
  2. But when you delete your photos and videos from the folder synced to Google Photos (for instance D:\Pictures) all uploaded images and clips should stay in Google Photos.

What settings you should choose in Backup and sync on your Windows PC.

Delete images and clips from Windows PC’s Hard Drive but Preserve in Google Photos

  • Configure Backup and sync to upload images and clips to Google Photos.
  • Right-click the program’s icon in the Taskbar and select SettingsBackup and sync Settings
  • Go to PreferencesBackup and sync Preferences
  • Сlick on your computer’s name on the upper left.
  • In the Removing items section select Don’t remove items elsewhere.
  • Click OK to save Backup and Sync settings: Don't remove items elsewere

Once you’ve applied these settings Backup and Sync from Google may start showing “Restarting sync” and your will see the program counting the files. Wait until it finishes – you will see the icon showing that the sync is completed.

What if I leave “Delete Elsewere” Setting?

In this case you will see the message “You moved DSC02650.JPG to trash or out of the synced folder. Restore or Remove?” as soon as you delete some images.

Consequently, you will either delete them from the cloud or otherwise the images will be downloaded back to your PC and will continue eating the disk space.

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