How to Stop Push-Notifications in Chrome on Android 12, 11, 10, 9, etc

Chrome plagued me by showing popping-up news! The thing is the following… All you know how websites use to ask “Would you like to receive notifications?” If you don’t tap “Block” but “Allow” you will start receiving push notifications from this site.

Here is how to disable notifications in Google Chrome completely on your Android device. On top of that you will learn how you can stop a specific website from sending you news and updates without toggling them off permanently for a specific app.

Screenshots taken on Google Pixel running Android 9 Pie and Samsung Galaxy S9 running Android 8. But on stock Android 10 and Galaxy devices running Android 9 with One UI these settings are very much alike.

How to Permanently Disable Push-Notifications in Chrome on Android

You should know how to manage your subscriptions and stop your browser disturbing you and making your device constantly waking up, alerting and draining your battery.

If you don’t need news and updates on your mobile Chrome and wish to turn them off completely so that any website will be able to show pop-ups, here is what you need to do:

  • Launch the Chrome app.
  • Tap the dots on the upper right and select SettingsChrome Menu Settings Android 9
  • Tap on Notifications:
    Notifications Settings in Chrome
  • Scroll down to the Sites section.
  • Toggle off the following option: disable notifications for all sites

From now on you will see no push notifications and websites won’t even be able to ask you whether or not you wish to. I mean you won’t see something like “ want to send you notifications”:

facebook request

Another Way to Access Notification Settings

Head to Settings > Apps, find Chrome, disable notifications:

App manager App Info

How to Disable Push-Notifications from a Specific Website

Let’s say you allowed news from but now changed your  mind and want to stop the website from sending those pop-ups, follow the steps below:

Go to Chrome’s Settings → Notifications and unset the checkbox in front of the website you wish to stop showing you news and updates:

show or hide for a specific website

You can change your mind and revert the setting at any time.

How to Reset Notifications Preferences for a Website

If you want to delete a website from the list, do the following:

  • Go to Chrome’s Settings Notifications.
  • tap Advanced.
  • now select Additional settings in the appadvanced additional settings chrome
  • select a specific website in the list: select website to reset push settings
  • tap Clear & Reset to delete all data about the website preferences from your Chrome browser:
  • confirm by tapping: clear & reset permissions

How to Stop Websites from Displaying Requests to Show Notification

Here is how to disable requests for all sites. Note that you will continue receiving push news from the allowed websites.

  • Go to Chrome’s Settings Notifications.
  • tap Advanced.
  • select Additional settings in the app after.
  • Toggle off the option Ask before allowing sites to send notificationsallow any website push news in Chrome

Hopefully, this article helped you manage your subscriptions on your mobile phone or tablet. If you have anything to add, feel free to write your comments!

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