Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Won’t Detect MIUI Update

My Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 AI Dual Camera kept telling me that the latest firmware is installed and no updates available while my friend told me that he downloaded global MIUI 10 OTA. Here is how to force your Xiaomi phone to detect a firmware update. Simple steps will help you avoid a glitch and get a new firmware right now if it is available.

There can also be glitches like the following. You notice a notification on the Settings, get into firmware upgrade and find out that you are proposed to update Xiaomi’s MIUI to the next version. You may even have the new version downloaded… But suddenly the prompt to update disappears and checking for an upgrade does not help. Read how to deal with the issue on Xiaomi phones like Redmi Note 5, Redmi Note 5 Pro and, perhaps, all other models.

Here is what you can do to receive Xiaomi’s firmware update over the air (OTA):

  1. Open SettingsXiaomi Settings MIUI 10
  2. Head to the APP SETTINGS section.
  3. Tap on Installed appsinstalled apps
  4. Tap the three dots on the upper right.
  5. Select Show all appsshow all apps
  6. Scroll down and find the system app named Updater and select it: xiaomi system apps updater
  7. Tap Clear dataclear data updater
  8. Now tap Clear all data and confirm by selecting OKclear data for updater
  9. Now head to Settings > About phone > System update.
  10. Tap Check for updates a few times: check for updates
    In my case I had to do it two times and I finally saw the proposal to download and install MIUI MIUI Stable Update

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  1. in my case, there’s a notification which says update V10.0.4.0.OEGMIFH is available when i click on that notification it is saying there’s no update available.

    I attempted the following to troubleshoot:

    1. Cleared All data & cache of Updater App.
    2. Restarted the phone.

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