Waiting for Wi-Fi: Google Photos Won’t Start Uploading With Wi-Fi Connected to a Mobile Hotspot

The issue

Our reader asked us a question. I faced a weird problem on my Samsung Galaxy J3 phone. I took cool photos and wanted them to sync to Google cloud to be able to share images with my partner.

Then, I connected to the Wi-Fi network, opened the Google Photos app and waited. But images din’t begin uploading. I saw the notification “Waiting for Wi-Fi. 2 photos left” despite my Galaxy phone is already connected to Wi-Fi.

There is another curious thing: I was outside and that’s why I was using another Android device in a Mobile Hotspot mode instead of connecting to an ordinary wireless router. Please, help me. How can I make my images won’t upload to the cloud? Thank you in advance.

Google Photos waiting for Wi-Fi while Wi-Fi connected

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