How to Use an Image from Google Photos as a Lock Screen Wallpaper

The problem is that on some phones the Google Photos app allows you to use a photo only as a home screen wallpaper but you cannot use it as a lock screen wallpaper.

Here is how to achieve your goal and set the image you like as a lock screen wallpaper on Xiaomi, Huawei and Meizu phones.

Lock Screen Wallpaper from Google Photos

Assign a Google Photos Image as a Lock Screen Wallpaper on Xiaomi

  • Launch the Google Photos app.
  • Select an image you like from your photo gallery.
  • Tap on a three-dot icon and select Save to device: Google Photos image - Save to deviceIn a few seconds the photo will be downloaded and you will see the corresponding notification in the shade: the photo has been downloaded using the Google Photos app
  • Now go to DCIM\Restored and find the same image file either using the native file manager or a gallery app. In the Xiaomi gallery app you need to select Albums > Recent.
  • Tap on the “Extra” icon and select Set as wallpaper: Xiaomi Set a Photo as a Wallpaper
  • On the next screen tap Apply: set image as a wallpaper Xiaomi Apply
  • Now select Set both: Xiaomi wallpaper - set bothDone! 

How to Set a Google Photos Image as a Lock Screen Wallpaper on Huawei

  • Open Google Photos.
  • Select an image from the gallery.
  • Tap the three-dot menu icon.
  • Select Use as: photo use as Huawei
  • Now select the Wallpaper with the Gallery app icon instead of Google Photos app icon: use photo as lock screen wallpaper Huawei
  • Tap on the apply icon: set wallpaper Huawei
  • Select Both or Lock Screen: both or lock screen wallpaper

Set an Image from Google Photo as a Lock Screen Wallpaper on Meizu

  • Download the image: Google Photos image - Save to device
  • Go to the Home screen. 
  • Long tap on an empty area and select Wallpaper: Meizu Flyme change wallpaper
  • Tap on the + Select From Gallery icon to add a new picture: Meizu wallpaper select from gallery
  • Go to the Albums tab: Meizu Gallery Albums Restored
  • Select the image for wallpaper: Meizu select image for wallpaper
  • Tap on Apply: Meizu apply image
  • And finally select Both or Lock Screen and tap OKMeizu set image as lock screen and home screen wallpaper

Have you ever faced such a problem or I am the only one? Tell me in the comments section.

P.S. From myself I hasten to add that I don’t observe similar problems either on Samsung Galaxy S10 under Android 9 or on Google Pixel running Android 10. On those gadgets everything’s clear.

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