Google Photos is Stuck on Backing Up – How to Fix on Android 11, 10, 9

If Google Photos got stuck on Backing up or Getting ready to backup while your Android device is connected to Wi-Fi, here is what you can do to fix the problem and make your photos and videos successfully back up to Google cloud.

I have faced the same problem on Android 10 for several times after using the Google Photos app for about a week or so and it was the first solution that always helped me get rid of the glitch. Screenshots taken on Google Pixel with stock Android 10.

Here is how it looks. No matter how long you wait, the number of items waiting for being uploaded does not change:

Google Photos stuck on Backing up Android 10

Option #1 – Purge App Cache to Fix Stuck “Backing Up”

  • Go to the Google Photos app properties (go to recent apps screen, tap on the app’s icon and select App Info): Google Photos App info Android 10
  • Go to Storage & Cache: App Storage & Cache Android 10
  • And here tap Clear cache to fix the glitch: Clear app cache Android 10

Option #2 – Reboot

If the previous solution did not help you fix the problem, just reboot your Android device. Hold down the Power key and select Restart:

Restart device Android 10

Anyway, you should finally see “Backup complete” if everything fixed:

Google Photos backup complete Android 10

If you faced the problem on your Android device and know extra solutions, please, tell us in the comments. Good luck!

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