How to translate a text in Chrome browser on Google Pixel

Some time ago we wrote about how to quickly translate a word or a sentence on Android. Here is an easier way to do it, however, this method of a text translation works only on Google Pixel (Pixel XL). But it is super fast and very convenient for you.

Translate a text in the Chrome Browser on Google Pixel (XL)

  1. Ensure you have Google Translate app installed on your Pixel.
  2. Open a website.
  3. Long tap on a word to mark a single word or a piece of text in Chrome.
  4. Tap on dots: tap on dots icon
  5. Select “Translate”: select translate After that you will see the translation: translate text in Chrome browser on Google Pixel

When you long tap on text for the next time you will see “Translate” immediately. So you don’t need to tap on dots to show extra features on selection.

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