How to receive a file via Bluetooth on Google Pixel. Bluetooth visibility issue

A user asks: I turned on Bluetooth on Google Pixel but I cannot send a file to it cause it is not visible from another phone. Please, help me to find out what’s the problem. I need to transfer files very often but hate connecting my devices to a PC each time. 

Well, this is a very reasonable questions. Indeed, Pixel phone have some peculiarities when it comes to wireless file transfer. Let’s solve the problem.

How to receive a file via Bluetooth on Google Pixel. Device visibility peculiarities

The thing is Google Pixel (or Pixel XL) has no visibility timeout setting. The phone is visible only when you open Bluetooth settings and stay there.

Thus, to be able to receive a file you need to perform the following actions:

  1. Toggle on Bluetooth: turn on bluetooth
  2. Tap on “More Settings” to enable visibility of your phone: bluetooth more settings
  3. Wait until an incoming transfer request: wait for incoming file
  4. Tap “Approve” to receive an incoming file from another device: accept an incoming file over bluetooth
  5. Wait for the transfer to complete: file transfer over bluetooth

How to Find the Received Files

To open the image or any other file, tap on the notification in the drawer:

open received fileThen you will see a list of inbound transfers. Tap the one you wish to open: tap to open a file

Another method

  1. Open the “Downloads” app: downloads app android nougat
  2. Select file category: images, videos or audio. In our case we select Images because we transferred a photo:select category
  3. Navigate to the Bluetooth folder: select bluetooth folder
  4. Here is our received image: images received via bluetooth

That’s it.

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