How to add the number row to Google Keyboard (GBoard)

Many of you for sure got used to the number row on your Android virtual keyboard. However it is not activated by default on Google Pixel and Pixel XL.

The dedicated row of digits allows you to quickly type digits without need to switch to another page. However, in this case, the keyboard takes more space and covers more area of your screen.

Anyways, here is how to enable the number row in Google keyboard (GBoard) on Pixel or any other device with this app.

With this feature enabled you don’t have to switch to another page or long tap the letters in the upper row when you need to type a digit.

Personally I need this option badly because I use to type IP-addresses thousand times a day every day. If you are like me maybe you will decide to tweak your GBoard too.

Method 1. Show Number Row in Google Keyboard When Typing

  1. Tap and hold the “comma” button.
  2. Drag your finger to the “Gear” icon and release to open the Settings of Google Keyboard: Google Keyboard settings
  3. Tap on “Gboard keyboard settings”: Gboard keyboard settings
  4. Tap on “Preferences”:
     google keyboard preferences
  5. Switch on the “Number row” toggle: enable number row

Here is how it looks like now:

number row enabled

How it looked like before:

number row disabled

Method 2. Add Number Row to GBoard Using Android Settings

  1. Go to “Settings”:
     settings android nougat
  2. Scroll down to the “Personal” section.
  3. Tap on “Languages and input”: languages and input Google Pixel
  4. Tap on “Virtual keyboard”:
     virtual keyboard
  5. Select “Gboard”:
     select Gboard
  6. Select “Preferences”: 
    google keyboard preferences
  7. Enable the “Number row” option:
     enable number row

That’s it! Now you can enjoy using your favorite layout of GBoard that is so familiar to you.

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