Wajam Ads. How to remove

What is Wajam

Wajam is an adware program that install alongwith freeware apps. It is positioned as social search tool. But in fast it causes illegal Ads to show in the browser. Below you will find the guide on how to remove Wajam from computer and get rid of Wajam Ads.  Continue reading

Google DNS: and Benefits and how to use

What is Google DNS

Google Public DNS represents two IP addresses for IPv4 – and is the primary DNS, is the secondary one. Google DNS service is free to use and can be used by anyone who has access to the Internet. You can use Google DNS IP instead of your ISP’s DNS servers to improve the resolve time and provide security.  Continue reading

How to add a website link to the Home Screen on Android

What do you usually do to open the website? Firstly you launch the browser app. Then you tap on the address bar and then type the first words of the site’s name or tap on the icon in the favourite sites area. But do you know that you can access you favourite websites with one tap? Today we will tell you about a very easy but quite useful thing: how to create a shortcut to a website and add it to home screen on Android. This shortcut would be displayed on your home screen next to apps and would take you directly to a certain webpage. In such a way you can quickly access you favourite websites right from the home screen.  Continue reading

How to always run a program as an administrator

This guide is about how to permanently run a definite application as an administrator by default. So our aim is to click the shortcut of a program and make it run in elevated mode. It will be very useful if you run a program as administrator every time and do not want to perform a number of clicks for elevation each time you launch it.   Continue reading