How to Disable the New Control Center on a Xiaomi Phone with MIUI 12

New Control Center vs old design of quick toggles on a Xiaomi phone with MIUI 12

Everybody is excited about the new modern Control Center in MIUI 12 but some entry-level devices like Redmi 9A are often unable to animate it smoothly. If you didn’t know, you can switch back to the old MIUI 11-styled quick toggles. And here is how.

There are two reasons why you may want to switch back to the old design of quick settings: 1) don’t like the new style; 2) you don’t like the quality of animation.

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Huawei EMUI: Display Counters Instead of Notification Dots on App Icons

Notification counters Huawei

Today I will explain how to display badges with counters instead of dots on Huawei phones running EMUI 10.1, 9 and 8.2. All screenshots taken on my Y6p and Nova 3i. But the guide is also applicable to other models, such as P20, P30, P40 Pro/Lite, Mate 20/30, Honor 8X, etc. I will add extra steps as soon as new EMUI version comes out with changes.
4/2/2020 update: added steps for EMUI 9.
8/21/2010 update: added steps for EMUI 10.1.

Do you remember how happy we were when Google rolled out those dots for apps? It seemed so exciting to see dots right on the icons on new message, discussion reply or other event. Some time later the badges appeared and began to compete with dots.

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My Communication Etiquette or How I Hate to Be Contacted

a lot of missed calls

We live in an era of smart devices and Internet. Everybody who wants to have a communication device in their pocket, has it there.

In addition to cellular connection, there are a lot of messengers which can be used to send texts, smileys, pictures, videos, links and perform voice and video calls.

In past times there was a problem: “how to reach a person?” And everyone dreamed about personal pocket device with the Internet connection. But now there is another problem: “How to escape from intrusive people, their calls and messages?”

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AccuBattery Not Alerting! or How to Disable Battery Status Notification

AccuBattery Charge Alarm & Battery Status

AccuBattery is the app designed to estimate your battery health and alert you to disconnect your phone from the charger when the battery is charged to 80% (or the level you chose). But what to do if the AccuBattery app stopped alerting you when the certain charge level has been reached? The notification permissions is the thing you should check to fix the problem.

I know that most people turn off all notifications for AccuBattery by mistake because they want to somehow get rid of the annoying Battery Status notification in the shade and don’t know how to do that the right way. However, in some skins like Flyme by Meizu there’s no way to turn off the battery status notification without affecting the charge alarm.

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