My Communication Etiquette or How I Hate to Be Contacted

a lot of missed calls

We live in an era of smart devices and Internet. Everybody who wants to have a communication device in their pocket, has it there.

In addition to cellular connection, there are a lot of messengers which can be used to send texts, smileys, pictures, videos, links and perform voice and video calls.

In past times there was a problem: “how to reach a person?” And everyone dreamed about personal pocket device with the Internet connection. But now there is another problem: “How to escape from intrusive people, their calls and messages?”

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How to Hide Your Phone Number in Telegram (Disappear from Anyone’s Contacts)

not on Telegram yet

In this article we will explain how Telegram works in terms of privacy and how this concerns the phone number visibility in particular. You will learn how to hide your cell phone number in Telegram so that nobody will be able to see you in the list of contacts (everything will look as if you don’t have Telegram on your phone number).

First of all, I created this guide for myself because I don’t want all people who has my phone number to receive the notification “Adam Swift joined Telegram!” as soon as I install the app.

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Skype Asking for Credentials Again and Again – How to Fix

Skype Sign In or Create

Recently I noticed that Skype started asking for credentials on every system startup or reboot – Sign in or Create has plagued me to death. At least every two days I need to type my login and password and that is very annoying.

Here is how to stop Skype logging you out on system restart or shutdown in Windows 10. In my example I used the desktop app version

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Telegram Displays Deleted Contacts and Adds Them to Google Contacts – How to Fix The Sync Problem on Android

fix Contact Sync in Telegram

In this article I will explain why you can see deleted contacts in Telegram (or vice versa – why you don’t see people who you recently added to Google Contacts in Telegram) and how to fix the problem.

From time to time I hear such questions from my friends:

  • Why does my Telegram app display people that I deleted from contacts a very long time ago?
  • When I installed Telegram and allowed it to restore from its server backup it added old contacts to my Google Contacts app and now there is a mess there! How can I fix that?
  • How can I delete a contact from my Telegram messenger? I removed that person from the Contacts app on my Android phone but it is still on my contact list in Telegram!

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Skype Not Working. Stuck “Connecting” and Blue Status Icon

skype wont connect to the internet

In this article, read how to get Skype to connect to the server and work so that you can call, exchange messages, send and receive files.  

Skype stopped working. The classic app won’t connect to the network and sign in to the user account (February 2018)

Skype has been glitching for at least a week by now. When you launch the classic app (UWP) it shows you a blue icon and displays Connecting… in the status bar but won’t connect and shows your contacts as offline. Here is 4 solutions to fix Skype sign-in and connectivity issues that you can face in February 2018.

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