Skype Asking for Credentials Again and Again – How to Fix

Recently I noticed that Skype started asking for credentials on every system startup or reboot – Sign in or Create has plagued me to death. At least every two days I need to type my login and password and that is very annoying.

Here is how to stop Skype logging you out on system restart or shutdown in Windows 10. In my example I used the desktop app version

How to Stop Skype from Asking for Credentials Over and Over Again

Skype Sign In or Create

The only method to fix the problem I know by now is to reset the program’s Settings. Follow the steps:

  • Right-click the Skype icon in the Taskbar and select Quit Skype.
  • Now open Windows 10 Task Manager, go to the Details tab and terminate all processes related to Skype such as Skype.exe, SkypeApp.exe, SkypeBackgroundhost.exe, etc. Just right-click on each one and select End process tree.
  • Now press Win+R combination to open the Run dialog.
  • Type %appdata% (or copy and paste) and hit Enter.
  • The AppData/Roaming/ folder will open. Rename the Skype folder in it to Skype_backup or anything else.
  • Launch the program again. 
  • Type your login and password 🙂
  • Reboot your PC and run Skype again to check whether or not the steps above helped you fix the problem.

Don’t be afraid to delete or rename the folder. The program will create it again as soon as you start the program.

Wrapping Up

Please, tell us in the comments whether or not these steps helped you stop Skype from asking for credentials every few days.

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