How to Forget a Wi-Fi Network and Delete Its Profile in macOS Big Sur

how to forget Wi-Fi networkin MacOS Big Sur

If you delete a Wi-Fi network profile in macOS, your Mac will never connect to this hotspot unless you do it manually by selecting the network and typing its password (a.k.a. network security key). Here is how to disable auto-join and forget a Wi-Fi network by deleting its profile in macOS Big Sur.

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Find the Location of Voice Memos Files on Mac (MacOS Catalina & Big Sur)

Before we start explaining you how to find the original audio files of your voice recordings on the disk, we’d like to mention that you can save your voice notes in a much easier way — using drag and drop.

If this doesn’t fit you, you can read the second paragraph and find the location of original .m4a-files on the disk on your MacOS Catalina or Big Sur.

If you ask me why search for them, I can say that first you can use this pre-installed app to make some narration and then you may want to use your audio files in FinalCut.

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