How to view WiFi password (network security key) in Windows 10

WiFi password serves for protection your wireless network and prevents the unauthorised access to your PCs, laptops, tablets, phones, etc. In different operating systems it also can be called Wireless Security Key, Wireless Password and Network Security Key. It is a typical situation when you forget the security key for your wifi because everything has been working well for a long time. And suddenly you need to enter your WiFi password again. It may happen if you decided to reinstall Windows on your laptop, change the account or perhaps if you want to connect your new smartphone or tablet to your home wireless network. Today we will show you how to view wifi password, saved in Windows 10

How to find and view WiFi password in Windows 10

Follow these easy steps to quickly view wireless network security key on any Windows 10 laptop or desktop:

    1. Right-click the network icon in the Taskbar.
    2. Select Open Network and Sharing CenterOpen Network and Sharing Center
  1. Click on the Wi-Fi (your SSID) link: Wi-Fi connection link
  2. Press the Wireless Properties button:Wireless Properties button to view wifi password
  3. Go to Security tab. Check the flag Show characters. After that you will be able to view your wifi password (Network Security Key):

    view WiFi password Windows 10

    Wi-Fi Password (Wireless Network Security Key) on Windows 10

These easy steps will allow you to recover your wireless password in Windows 10. And by the way, do not forget that you can also view the wifi password (network security key) on your router’s web interface:

view wifi password router settings

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  1. This is for WPA2 Personal Security Type
    how to check for WPA2 Enterprise Security Type?

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