What is UPnP? How to Disable UPnP on Router

What is UPnP

UPnP (stands for Universal Plug and Play) is a set of network protocols. It is designed to automatically configure network devices. Simply put UPnP automatically forwards a port if the connection was initiated from the local network. It trusts the LAN outgoing requests by default. Here is why you should disable this feature on your wireless router to stay safe. Continue reading

How to disable the pagefile in Windows 10

What is the page file

The paging file (a.k.a page file, pagefile, swap file) is a file located in C:\pagefile.sys. The Windows OS stores files in RAM cause it is the fastest memory on a PC. When the RAM becomes full Windows moves a part of the data to paging file. The pagefile is also used to store the data of apps you are not using.  Continue reading