How to Hide User Accounts from Welcome Screen in Windows 10, 8, 7

If you wish to enhance your PC’s security you may want to hide user accounts from welcome screen which is displayed when Windows boots up. In this case it will be necessary to enter both the user name and the password to log into the user account. 

Default Look of Windows Welcome Screen

Normally when you boot your PC you can see either all user accounts…

all user accounts on welcome screen

…or the last used account with a password request:

last accessed user account in Windows 10

So the logins (user names) are obviously known.

Hide User Accounts from Welcome Screen

1. Launch the registry editor.

2. Find the key:


3. Find the DWORD-value named dontdisplaylastusername (or create DWORD-32 value if missing).

4. Set it to 1:

Turn off user name display in registry

5. Log off or restart the PC.

The welcome screen should look like this in Windows 7:

username request in windows 7

and like this in Windows 8.1 or 10:

other user: username request
Other user instead of username

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