TCP/IP reset

When TCP/IP reset is needed

The procedure of resetting the TCP/IP often helps to fix problems with network that occured due to:

  • malware activity;
  • incorrect operation of legal software;
  • installation of non-native network drivers;
  • system failures of operating system.

It is recommended to reset the TCP/IP and Winsock directory if:

  • Internet does not work;
  • there is no access to LAN;
  • LAN, Internet or network software works slowly or unstable.

How to reset TCP/IP and Winsock

Launch the command prompt as administrator:


Press Yes in the UAC warning window:


Type command to reset the TCP/IP:

netsh int ip reset

Press Enter:

Now type command to reset the Winsock directory:

netsh winsock reset

Press Enter:


Restart the computer!


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