Failed to load library ‘dxva2.dll’. How to fix Skype startup error | Download dxva2.dll

The last update of Skype application brought the bad news to Windows XP users. Skype fails to launch and the following error message appears:

Fatal error. Failed to load library ‘dxva2.dll'

There are several ways to fix Failed to load library ‘dxva2.dll’ error

Method 1. Download dxva2.dll and put it to Windows folder

Warning! Do not try to reinstall the skype application from the website! Do not try to update DirectX! It would not help!

1. Download dxva2.dll.

2. Open the downloaded archive.

a) If you have 32-bit Windows put it to:

System drive\Windows\System32\

(In most cases you should put the file to C:\Windows\System32\ folder)

b) If you use 64-bit operating system put dxva2.dll to:

System drive\Windows\SysWOW64\

Attention! If you see the message These files are hidden, click on the link Show the contents of this folder:


Method 2. Download dxva2.dll and put it to Skype folder

1. Download dxva2.dll.

2. Put dxva2.dll library to the same folder with skype.exe file:

C:\Program Files\Skype\Phone\


C:\Program Files (x86)\Skype\Phone\

Now you can launch Skype and use it!


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Method 3. Install .Net Framework 4

Frankly speaking this is the most correct way to fix the error “Failed to load library dxva2.dll”.

Go to Microsoft .Net Framework 4 download page:

Select language of your Windows XP.

Click Download:


Do not set any checkbox.

Press No thanks and continue:


Click on the link:


Launch the downloaded file and install Microsoft .Net Framework:


In this variant you DO NOT NEED to download dxva2.dll.

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