How to Speed Up Chrome on Old Android Devices

The Problem on an Old Android Device

The problem was detected in Chrome version 39.0.2171.59 on Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 GT-S7272. The web pages scroll jerky. Often the delay between gesture and scrolling is about several seconds.

As you understand, the browser is absolutely unusable on this phone. Today we will tell you how to make Chrome work faster on old or cheap Android devices.


How to Speed Up Chrome on Old Android Devices

The first solution is to roll back the Chrome to the factory version. In this case you will lack its new features. 

Another solution is switch to another browser.

How to Restore the Factory Version of the Chrome App

Follow the steps. Screens taken on Galaxy Ace 3 with Android 4.2.

Tap on Settings icon:


Select More.

Then select Application manager:


 Tap on Chrome:


Tap on Uninstall updates:


Select OK:


Tap on OK once more:


Wait until the app rolls back to the factory version:


Unset the checkbox Show notifications:


Press OK:


Then please turn off the automatic updates for Chrome application! (Manual)

Warning! You will still receive the notifications as shown below even after the turning off the automatic updates!

You are to close the notification every time you see it:


That’s it.

And the last but not least tip is ditch your old device and buy a new one. Today even cheap phone models work fine.

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