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What is is a russian browser hijacker. It is absolutely useless for visitors because it was designed purely to generate revenue to its owner by showing ads. The intrusive web page infects your computer when you download freeware programs and launch dubious executable files. After the infection you browser starts opening by itself when you log in to your Windows account and the website // pops up in the browser as the start page. is not actually a virus. It is just an intrusive website added to startup by malware. Here is our step-by-step guide on how to remove from the browser, get rid of ads, stop your browser auto launch on startup and delete malware from your PC.  Continue reading

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remove removal guide

What is is an intrusive website (browser-hijacker). It is completely useless and is designed purely to generate revenue for its developers. is set as a startpage without user’s permission. It opens every time you launch the browser and you cannot change your startup page to another one. Here is how to remove hijacker from Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or another browser and get rid of adware on your PC.  Continue reading

How to remove

Time-to-read is a browser-hijacker. It is disguised as a search engine but in fact it redirects all search queries to As a rule this intrusive website appears in all installed browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, etc. It has a lot of domains-redirectors. They all redirect to:


Below you will find the step by step guide and a video guide about how to get rid of in the browser. Continue reading

How to remove ContentPush News

ContentPush News is a set of third-party pop-up ads, injected into browser by an adware program. In different cases illegal ads can be injected either by an unwanted browser extension or by an unwanted program changing your DNS, proxy settings, adding routes or using another tricks. Your system can get infected when you launch unfamiliar files downloaded from untrusted websites. You can even get the program you were looking for, but it is a high probability that another unwanted adware program will be installed together with it. Here is how to uninstall and remove adware programs and get rid of ContentPush News ads in your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera).  Continue reading

How to remove Anti-Obscene and Ads by Anti-Obscene

Anti-Obscene is an adware extension or addon for Chrome, Opera and Firefox that is designed to inject third-party ads into websites. The biggest issue is that it is able to reinstall by itself after you remove the extension manually. Here is how to remove Anti-Obscene extension or add-on and get rid of Ads by Anti-Obscene in your browser.  Continue reading

How to remove Content Protector by Artex Management S.A.

Content Protector is an unwanted program published by Artex Management S.A. It is completely useless for you because it is designed purely to generate revenue to its developers by injecting ads or changing settings in browser. Here is the guide on how to get rid of Content Protector program and remove its traces from the browser.  Continue reading