Kingsoft WPS Office. How to remove?

What is WPS Office

WPS Office 2013 and WPS Office 2016 is a chenese program published by Zhuhai Kingsoft Office Software Co., Ltd. The official website is It is positioned as a substitute for Microsoft Office but is promoted aggressively and often installs without user’s permission. Today we will talk about how to remove WPS Office and get rid of all its components.wps-office-logo4

Uninstall Kingsoft WPS Office 2016 or 2013

Open Programs and Features:


Select WPS Office 2016 published by Kingsoft Corp in the list and click Uninstall:


Allow the Uninstall wizard to run by pressing Yes:

wps office remove uac

Select everything as shown on the image:


Wait until WPS Office is removed.

Remove WPS Office remains from PC

Clean the remnants of WPS Office using AdwCleaner:


Scan your system with Anti-Malware Free and remove all found malware, adware and PUP:



  1. First I like to just remove the default status of WPS and found no way (instruction)
    Next I tried to remove it and got stopped by wpsupdate.exe

    Regretfully I feel WPS is too aggressive.

    1. To Stop the ads, Please do it ..100% Solved the problem… Solution .. Right Click on This PC or My Computer–> Manage –> Services –Look For “WPS office Cloud Service”—> Change to “Disabled”from “Manual”
      Open and close 3 or 4 times the WPS Writer, Presentation and Spreedsheet Icon from Desktop ..
      The problem will be solved..Thanks

      1. This is BRILLIANT! THANK YOUUUUUUUUUU!!!! worked like a dream! was soooooooooooo annoying, was about to remove the whole program because of this! BRILLIANT!

  2. WPS was put on my windows 7 ME by a tech. I have Word also. WPS Has taken over Excel to their version. If I uninstall WPS will all be OK in WORD/EXCEL documents?

    1. This article tells what to do if you don’t need WPS, don’t know how it appeared on your PC and don’t know how to uninstall it. I think, you should not worry about it and leave it on your PC. If you uninstall WPS and you don’t have another program for handling Excel files (xls, xlsx), your files will stay where they are, but you may not be able to open them.

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