How to Remove Adware from Browser. Step-By-Step Guide

Adware is a kind of unwanted software that is designed primarily to bring revenue to its owners rather than for users’ profit. In many cases adware programs are totally useless. They can pretend to optimize performance of your PC, find best prices, offer discounts, help download music and videos for free and even promise to block ads while their only aim is to inject ads in your browser, show you ads on the desktop, install other sponsored software. In this article we will explain:

  • where does malware come from;
  • how to remove adware and PUP from PC;
  • how to get rid of pop-up ads in browser: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE.

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What is an AdWare Program and What Does It Do?

What is AdWare

AdWare (Advertising SoftWare) is a software designed primarily to show advertisement and bring revenue to its developers. It causes the advertising links or banners to appear in different places: in the program’s window, on the desktop or in the browser. Very often AdWare programs are completely useless. They pretend that they fulfill a definite function but it exists purely for disguising a real purpose – showing Ads. There also exist some useful applications. But they are classified as AdWare too because they either show ads by themselves or conduce the emerging of ads on computer.

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