How to Remove Frames From App Icons on Galaxy Devices

icon frames Android 7 Samsung Galaxy

If you dislike icons with frames (squircle or another shape), you can switch back to old-school design without frames (works on older devices – Android 6, 7). I don’t know whether it is possible on LG, HTC, Asus, Huawei, etc, but you can do this on many modern Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets. The screenshots taken on Samsung Galaxy S10, S7 and Tab A6 (2016) SM-T585. Note, that this setting affect only a part of icons, because some of them already have drawn frames and don’t change no matter which option you choose.

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How to turn off Samsung Daily & Briefing screen on Galaxy Devices

Briefing page is a special screen designed for reading news from Flipboard. It comes with Samsung Galaxy devices out of the box.

Somebody may like it, but personally I think this is a quite intrusive promotion of the service to take a whole dedicated screen for this. You may also prefer to remove it from your home screens.

Here is how to turn off Briefing on Android. We will show how to do it on Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 SM-T585.

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How to Use a Whitelist Feature on Android Without Third-Party Apps (Samsung Galaxy)

As a rule people are talking about black list feature. Android has a native auto-reject feature and we wrote about it some time ago. Whitelist is another mode when you ignore or reject all callers except selected.

There are a lot of third-party apps designed to manage incoming calls which provide blacklist and whitelist features. But most of them are not freeware and many apps are not perfect.

In this guide we will explain how to set up a whitelist on Android without any third-party apps. So, you will only receive calls and messages from those contacts that you wish. But note, other callers will be ignored but not rejected.

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Disable Bluetooth visibility timeout on Samsung Galaxy devices with Android 5

By default Samsung Galaxy smartphones have a bluetooth visibility timeout enabled. This means that if you want someone to send you a file the transfer must be done within 5 minutes since you turn on the wireless module. The same thing with pairing your Galaxy with wireless headset, bluetooth speaker or any other gadget. Here is how to disable BT timeout completely and make your Android phone always visible to all nearby devices.

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How to Switch Voice Recorder App to Stereo Mode on Samsung Galaxy

I don’t know about all Galaxy models, but Galaxy S-series (flagship devices) and A-series (mid-range phones) are known to support audio recording in stereo that makes your recording sound much better.

On some devices it is called Interview mode. Of course, it works only on models equipped with two hardware microphones. Here is how to switch the built-in voice recorder app to stereo mode on Samsung Galaxy devices.

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