How to change the notification sound for text messages on Samsung Galaxy

The question

I would like to change my SMS notification ringtone on my Galaxy S4. I’m changing the sound for “Notification”, it changes the sound for apps updates, emails but not for incoming text messages. How can I finally change it? 

The answer

The thing is when you are using the default Samsung messages app you might have activated a personalized tone settings for text messages. A dedicated tone is specified there – that’s why when you change the global Notification tone it doesn’t affect your incoming text messages (SMS).

So, to change the notification tone for SMS on Galaxy S4 under Android 5, do the following:

  • Go to “Settings” > “My Device tab” > “Sounds and notifications”: my device sound and notifications
  • Tap on “Other sounds”:other sounds samsung galaxy
  • Scroll down to the “Samsung applications” section.
  • Tap on “Messages”: Samsung apps - messages
  • Here either turn off the sound personalization for SMS messages or turn on the toggle and select the notification sound for them: change SMS notification sound on Samsung Galaxy S

That’s it. Now the incoming SMS messages will sound as you like.

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