How to turn off Samsung Daily & Briefing screen on Galaxy Devices

Briefing page is a special screen designed for reading news from Flipboard. It comes with Samsung Galaxy devices out of the box.

Somebody may like it, but personally I think this is a quite intrusive promotion of the service to take a whole dedicated screen for this. You may also prefer to remove it from your home screens.

Here is how to turn off Briefing on Android. We will show how to do it on Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 SM-T585.

Follow the steps to disable Briefing and remove it from Home Screens:

  1. Tap and hold on the home screen:

    tap and hold to enter home screen settings
    tap and hold to enter home settings
  2. Swipe right to display Briefing:

    swipe to the Briefing
    swipe to the Flipboard Briefing
  3. Tap the toggle to turn off the Briefing Screen and finally remove Flipboard news from your Galaxy device:

    turn off the Briefing screen
    Disable Briefing on Android

No more Briefing:
Flipboard news screen disabled That’s it!

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14 thoughts on “How to turn off Samsung Daily & Briefing screen on Galaxy Devices”

  1. This does turn off the briefing screen, but (in my case) briefing is still active and sends me notifications. Is there a way to turn this off as well? Cause i can not find briefing in the notification-settings…

    • Settings, Apps, Application Manager, Briefing. You can turn off notifications from here, or disable the app.

      • No, you can’t. It isn’t allowed by the system. The disabled button is grayed out and so is the notification on off button

  2. I still get the annoying notifications. I go to Settings, Apps, but there’s not Application Manager. I’ve searched settings thoroughly in the hope of finding something similar with no luck. I have a Galaxy Tab S2.

      • Thank you for replying. Unfortunately there isn’t a “More” to click on. I’ve looked for it under Settings, and Settings -> Apps. I’ve also done a search using the magnifying glass icon and searching for all variations of “sys apps” and I’ve searched the built in User Manual. Nothing! I have Android version 7.0.

      • I think I’ve sorted it! Go to Settings -> Apps, then click the three vertical dots in to top right corner. Select “Show system apps” from the menu that appears, select “Briefing”, then “Notifications” then move the switch to disallow them. One might also click on “Disable” after selecting Briefing.

  3. Thanks Tony, I had the same problem trying to find the switch, have followed your post and seems to work so far.

  4. After a great deal of juggling with my J5 phone I think you have shown me how to do it.
    Many thanks.

  5. Galaxy Tab A – SMT350 Tablet: Settings, Notifications, Advanced, Will see Advanced Notifications Settings, click on three vertical dots, click on show system apps, scroll to Briefing, click on Briefing “allowed”, turn off allow notifications, return to home screen. This is another way of removing the Briefing Flipboard.

  6. I don’t want to turn off briefing I want it removed from my Android phone permanently I want to uninstall it somehow then I don’t have to worry about it. how can I do that. I went to my Play Store it’s there it won’t let me uninstall it. I went to my settings then my apps it’s there but it won’t let me uninstall it just disabled I want it uninstalled so that I don’t ever have to mess with it again anybody got any ideas.

    • Briefing screen is a part of Samsung’s launcher. You can’t remove it just like you can’t remove the App Vault in the Xiaomi launcher but only turn it off. If the disabled Briefing screen bothers you that way, then the best solution would be to install a third-party launcher. But again, you will remember that you have Samsung launcher installed and you cannot remove it (without rooting).
      I advise you to take things easier. Consider installing Nova launcher. I enjoy its paid version.


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