How to Block Unknown (Hidden, Private) Numbers on Android

As you might know, nearly a half of all incoming calls are spam nowadays. Telemarketers use various tricks to get to you: sometimes they change the phone number to a local one, another time they try to hide the number to make you curious about who is calling you from private number and answer. The only goal, as a rule, is to sell you some product or service. In most cases it is reasonable to block anonymous callers, especially on your child’s mobile phone. In the latter case, you should do your best to protect children from the threats and evil jokes that often come from unidentified callers. First of all, you should always remember one simple thing: if you get an incoming call and the number is hidden, the callers have certain reasons to stay anonymous. Personally I never answer calls with “No caller ID” and try to block them if my current phone gives me such an option.

Here is our step-by-step guide on how to block annoying calls from unknown phone numbers on Android. We will show how to do this on various devices running different versions of Google’s OS. The guide will be helpful to get rid of annoying spam calls from unknown callers.

Private Number calling how to block hidden unknown numbers

Variety in Naming

On different phones and even models you can see different naming of hidden numbers: “unknown”, “private”, “hidden”, “restricted”, “withheld”, “no caller id”. But they mean the same thing: the caller is trying to stay anonymous by not disclosing their phone number.

Unfortunately, not all phone models are capable of blocking the calls from restricted numbers out of the box. It’s quite a nonsense when you can add a certain number to your black list but can’t do that for private numbers. So, in some cases you will have to install a third-party call manager to do that.

How to Block Calls from Unknown and Private Numbers on Stock Android 10

Finally Google added great options allowing to get rid of Private and Hidden phone numbers in Google Contacts. Here is how you can ban unwanted callers on pure Android. Screenshots taken on Google Pixel running Android 10.

  1. Swipe up to open the app drawer.
  2. Open Contacts (not Phone).
  3. Tap the menu sandwich icon on the upper left.
  4. Select Settings: Contacts settings Android 10
  5. Scroll down and find Blocked numbers at the very bottom:
    Blocked numbers Google Contacts app
  6. Here you can choose which type of callers to block:
    Numbers not in Contacts
    Pay phone
    block Private Unknown numbers in Google Contacts on Android 10Select categories of callers you wish to ban on your phone. From now on such incoming calls will be immediately rejected.

    As far as I remember, I did not have such options to ban hidden numbers on Android 9 on the same device (Google Pixel 2016) until I installed Android Q Beta despite the same Google Contacts app version. If you know more, tell us in the comments.

Block Unknown Callers on Samsung Galaxy Devices Running Android 10, 9, 8, 7

  1. Launch the Phone app: Phone app Samsung Galaxy S9
  2. Tap the dots icon on the upper right and select SettingsPhone app settings Samsung Galaxy S9
  3. Here select Block numbersPhone app Call settings Samsung Galaxy S9
  4. Activate the option Block unknown callersBlock Numbers Block Unknown Callers Samsung Galaxy S9

From now on all calls from “private” and “unknown” numbers will be automatically rejected.

Block Calls from Hidden Numbers on Xiaomi (MIUI 10)

Here is how to do it on my Redmi Note 5:

  1. Launch the Phone app: Phone App Xiaomi
  2. Go to Recents.
  3. Here open the dialer: Recent calls Xiaomi MIUI 10
  4. Open the menu: Xiaomi dialer menu
  5. Head to BlocklistCall settings Blocklist Xiaomi
  6. Here make sure the Blocklist option is activated:
  7. Then go to Blocked numbersBlocklist settings Xiaomi
  8. Here activate the option Block calls from hidden numbersBlock calls from hidden numbers Xiaomi


Block Hidden Numbers on Huawei

Follow the steps:

  1. Open the Phone app as usual: Phone app Huawei
  2. Open the dialer: Dialer phone app Huawei
  3. Here tap the dots icon on the right and select Blockedaccess Blocked numbers options from dialer Huawei
  4. Select Blocked rules at the bottom of the screen: Block rules settings Huawei
  5. Tap on Call block rulesedit Call block rules Huawei
  6. Activate the option Block unknown/hidden numbersBlock unknown hidden numbers Huawei

How to Block Calls from Private/Unknown/Restricted Numbers on Old Devices under Android 4 and 5


Go to Settingsandroid4-settings

Select My device and tap on Call category:


Choose Call rejection:


Check that the black list function is enabled. (The Auto reject numbers should be chosen in Auto reject mode setting).
Then enter the Auto reject list setting:

unknown to blacklist: auto reject list

Check the flag Unknown to add all unknown callers to black list:

add unknown withheld numbers to blacklist

Henceforth, all incoming calls from restricted numbers would be automatically rejected.

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