How to Block Calls from Private and Unknown Numbers on OnePlus Phone

If you own a OnePlus phone of any generation, you might know that there is no possibility to block calls from unidentified numbers (private, unknown, hidden) out of the box.

If you search for the solution on the Internet you will possible find a lot of forum posts suggesting to install some third-party apps from dubious developers.

Some of these apps are paid, some are free but will bother you with their ads. But the worst thing about call blocking apps that they often can’t actually block all unwanted calls including calls from unknown and private numbers.

Not so long ago, I also bought a OnePlus phone and quite soon I noticed that I could not block spam calls from restricted numbers. I was unpleasantly surprised and began to look for a solution to fix the issue. Surprisingly, I found a solution from Google. And by the way, it’s free and without ads.

How to Block Calls from Private and Unknown Numbers on OnePlus

All screenshots taken on OxygenOS 10.3.2 (Android 10).

Follow the steps:

  • Open the Google Play Store app.
  • In the search field type “contacts
  • Select Contacts by Google LLC in the search results and install it: install Google Contacts app
  • Launch the app. 
  • Tap the three dots menu icon.
  • Select Settings: Google Contacts settings
  • Scroll down to the very bottom and tap on Blocked numbers: Google Contacts Blocked numbers
  • Here enable the Unknown (Block calls from unidentified callers) option: Block Unknown and Private numbers on OnePlus

As of right now, this trick works perfectly on my OnePlus 6T with OxygenOS 10.3.2. Just leave the Google Contacts app installed and this feature will continue to work.

You can disable the built-in Contacts app by OnePlus or hide it if you don’t like to have two “Contacts” apps in the drawer.

What Will Happen on an Incoming Call from an Unknown Number

From now on, when you receive an incoming call from a private or unknown number, it will be immediately rejected, the person who tried to call you from a hidden number will see “Line Busy” on their screen

Line Busy the call has been blocked (rejected)

…while you will get a silent notification in the shade “Blocked a call from an unknown number”:

OnePlus Call Block - Blocked a Call from an unknown number

How to View the Log of Blocked Calls on Your OnePlus Phone

You can view the log and see how many times unidentified callers tried to reach you. For this purpose you can tap the notification from Dashboard. If you have already dismissed it, you can do the following:

  • open the native Phone app by OnePlus: OnePlus Phone app
  • tap three dots menu icon, select Spam: OnePlus Phone Spam
  • Here you can view how many times unwanted callers tried to reach you from hidden numbers: Rejected calls from Private numbers spam log OnePlus

The unwanted calls log will remain here until you manually clear it.

Wrapping Up

Please, tell me in the comments which model of OnePlus phone you own and whether or not this guide helped you block calls from unknown numbers on your device. Thank you in advance and have a great day!

15 thoughts on “How to Block Calls from Private and Unknown Numbers on OnePlus Phone”

    • No. This option blocks calls from subscribers with hidden caller ID only. If you receive a call from a visible number who is not in your contacts, you have to either block them one by one or … switch to a dialer which has a special feature “Block calls from strangers”.
      This is actually the reason why I use iPhone as my primary phone. It has the feature called “silence unknown callers” and on top of that iPhones have a nicely working DND mode which rejects everybody except the group you specified.
      Some phones like Xiaomi (except those on MIUI 12), Huawei, Meizu have the feature “Block calls from strangers” in their dialers.

      • You can block visible stranger numbers in the DND mode on oneplus. It is one of the exceptions there, you can choose from only favorite contacts, or only contacts in your phone book to be excepted from DND.

  1. AWESOME! Just tried this on my OnePlus 7T. Really hoping it works. I will know within a few days if it did. I get several Unknown calls every day so this is wonderful.


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