How to disable auto replace on Android

disable auto replace on android

Many users search how to disable annoying auto replace (auto correct) on Android smartphones. The function itself can be really useful for people who use only bookish vocabulary. It is designed to complete or replace the typed word with the most probable one to ease the typing process. But in many cases, especially when the slang words are used, this feature can bring the user to a white heat replacing words with absolutely wrong ones. Here is how to disable auto replace on Android. We will show you pics about how to turn off the feature on Samsung Keyboard using our Galaxy S4 on Android 5 and on GBoard.  Continue reading

How to check uptime on Android phone

It is a reasonable question How long has my Android device been working by now? You may want to know uptime if you are curious about:

  • is it time to replace the battery;
  • is your device’s mobility okay;
  • how long is your android device working without reboot or powerdown.

Here is how to check uptime on Android.

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How to force Android to use only GPS to estimate the location

As you probably know Android operating system is very smart to locate you. It uses GPS, nearby Wi-Fi networks and mobile data for location purposes. But it is not always clear which method it uses right now to locate your device. So you may want to force your Android device to use GPS only to estimate your location to test the work of the GPS module in your device (define its accuracy and sensitivity) or to find out which positioning method works better in a particular area. And here is how to do this. Continue reading

How to find the router’s IP address on Android

Question: I need to configure my router, but I do not have neither laptop nor desktop PC at the moment – only my Galaxy S7 smartphone. The phone is connected to my wireless network, obtains an IP and Internet is working well. So the first thing I need to do is find the IP address of my router to be able to log in to the web interface. Could you please tell me how to find the router’s IP address on Android? This article would be especially helpful if your router has a non-default IP. Continue reading