How to boot into Recovery mode on Cyanogen and Android

You can enter the Recovery mode by pressing Home, Volume and Power buttons in different combinations for different smartphones.

But you can also reboot to Recovery Mode without pressing the combination of buttons on CyanogenMod. It can be quite useful, for instance, if you have a button broken or you don’t know the combination for your particular model or if it is simply unhandy to press those three buttons simultaneously. Here is how to reboot into Recovery in CM12 / CM13. This method can also work for some versions of stock Android 5 and 6. 

Enable Advanced reboot feature in CyanogenMod

You need to enable Advanced reboot feature to be able to reboot to Recovery.

  1. Go to Settings: cyanogen settings
  2. Scroll down to the System section and enter Developer Optionsandroid 5 developer options
  3. Turn on Advanced rebootadvanced reboot cyanogen

How to boot to Recovery mode in CyanogenMod

Now you can reboot to Recovery in 4 steps:

  1. Long press the Power Button.
  2. Tap Rebootandroid 5.1 reboot
  3. Select Recovery.
  4. Tap OKreboot to recovery cyanogen 12Wait for a few seconds: android 5 rebootingIn a minute you will boot into Recovery: cwm-based recovery

That’ it.

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  1. I’m using Samsung n7000. Button Volume up + Home + On switch still can’t reach recovery mode. It will only keep restart at cyanogenmod logo.

    I tried on developer mode. But also can’t find Advance reboot.

    Kindly help.


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