Add a phone number to the block list, block private and unknown numbers on CyanogenMod 12, 13

Today let us find out how to block calls from unwanted numbers in Cyanogen ( CM 12 and CM 13). The procedure differs from such on stock Samsung Android 5 and 6 very much. So here you will know:

  • how to block a number from the recent calls;
  • how to add a number to the block list manually (by typing);
  • how to block incoming calls from private and unknown numbers;
  • how to remove a number from the block list (blacklist).

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How to boot into Recovery mode on Cyanogen and Android

As usual you can enter the Recovery by pressing Home, Volume and Power buttons that is different for different smartphones. But you can also reboot to Recovery Mode without pressing the combination of buttons on CyanogenMod. It can be quite useful, for instance, if you have a button broken or you don’t know the combination for your particular model or if it is simply unhandy to press those three buttons simultaneously. Here is how to reboot into Recovery in CM12 / CM13. This method can also work for some versions of stock Android 5 and 6.  Continue reading