How to share a link from Android to PC and backwards

You may want to share the link from Android to PC or backwards if you find something interesting on the Internet. In this article we will talk about the ways to quickly and easily send URL from your phone to your computer. 

1. Share a link over the email

Sharing links over the e-mail is very easy on Android. All you need to do is:

  • tap the menu icon (usually the one with three dots) in your browser app:
    web page to share
  • select “Share” icon.
    This is how it looks in Google Chrome app:share in chrome…In CM Browser app:
    share…and in Mozilla Firefox app:share in firefox app
  • Tap on “Email”, “Gmail” or another email app:
    share over the email
  • Specify the email address which you want to share with and tap “Send”: send link by email

In Google Chrome you can press directly on the icon of recent sharing. In our case it is GMail:

quick link sharing in chrome on android

In a few seconds you will see the email with your link:

shared link in gmail on pc

You can share links with the same email box. I mean you can send messages to yourself.

2. Send URL using a messenger app: Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, etc

Just copy the link in the browser:

share via skype 1

 and paste it to Skype or another messenger:

share via skype 2

Here it is:

share via skype 3

3. Use bookmarks in the same browser

If you are using the same browser on Windows and Android (for instance, Google Chrome) you can just create a bookmark and then open it on another device.

add a web page to favouritea in chrome on android

Chrome syncs its bookmarks rather quickly. So you will be able to retreive it in a minute on another platform.

find your bookmark on the desktop chrome

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