How to rename your Android phone or tablet in Google Play Store

Sometimes Google Play Store gives very strange names to our Android devices. It is not a rare case when Android phone has name i9505-Verizon or even more silly Unnamed Device in My Devices list of the Play Store. Nowadays most people have more than one Android device using the same Google Acoount. So it is very important that you could distinguish all your phones and tablets. Just imagine that you are about to install a new Android app using your PC, it is time to choose the phone and you have to choose between Unnamed device and another Unnamed Device. That’s annoying. But I want you to know that you can easily rename your Android phone or tablet in Google Play StoreContinue reading

How to Connect to Windows Remote Desktop from Android. RDP Client App

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a protocol developed by Microsoft. It serves to connect from one PC (client) to another (server) using the local network or Internet connection. In our days RDP can be used not only on Windows machines but on Android devices as well. Microsoft developed its own app for Android that works as Remote Desktop Client. With a help of this app you can connect to Windows from Android device via the same Remote Desktop Protocol. And actually not only connect but also to fully administer the remote server or PC: install programs, fix issues, remove malware, create and restore backups, reboot, shutdown, etc. We will show you how to connect to Windows Remote Desktop from Android phone or tablet using Microsoft Remote Desktop app for Android.  Continue reading

How to Set Up a Mobile Hotspot on Android 7. Android Phone as a Router

What is Mobile Hotspot on Android

Mobile Hotspot is a feature that allows you to use your Android phone as a router and distribute your mobile Internet via Wi-Fi to other devices: tablet, laptop, another phone, etc. In Mobile Hotspot mode your mobile data acts like the WAN port of a router and your Wi-Fi interface – as LAN ports. Here is how to set up a mobile hotspot on Android 7 Nougat and use your Android phone as a router.  Continue reading

How to add another input language on Android 7 Nougat

When you initialize your phone during the first startup you select the system language (locale for UI). Android 7 automatically sets it as your input language as well. For English-speaking countries it is usually enough to use default settings and have the single input language. But you might also need to have several input methods. For instance, you might want to communicate with your friends using German while you prefer using English for your work. Here is how to turn off the default settings and manually add another input language (or even several) to your current keyboard on Android 7. The guide works for Android 6 Marshmallow as well. Continue reading