Why iPhone X, 8, 7 Automatically Declines (Rejects) the First Incoming Call

The Question

I have been using my iPhone X for six month already and everything seemed to be totally okay. But about a week ago I noticed that I have a lot of missed calls in the Recents and people who managed to ring me up ask “Why are you rejecting my calls all the time?”. I was confused but now I understand, that the first call from a particular caller is being declined for some reason and only the second one is ringing. I’m 100% sure I couldn’t miss those calls. My iPhone is always near me and I’m in the quiet room and I’m not a deaf person. This is my phone that doesn’t play the ringtone and just sends a “busy” tone to the person who tries to call me. Could you explain why does my iPhone always reject the first call and what can I do to fix the issue? Thank you in advance.  Continue reading

Waiting for Wi-Fi: Google Photos Won’t Start Uploading With Wi-Fi Connected to a Mobile Hotspot

The issue

Our reader asked us a question. I faced a strange issue on my Samsung Galaxy J3 phone. I took cool photos and wanted them to sync to Google cloud to be able to share images with my partner. Then I connected to the Wi-Fi network, opened the Google Photos app and waited. But images don’t begin uploading. I see the notification “Waiting for Wi-Fi. 2 photos left” despite my Galaxy phone is already connected to Wi-Fi. There is another curious thing: I was outside and that’s why I was using another Android device in a Mobile Hotspot mode instead of connecting to an ordinary wireless router. Please, help me. How can I make my images won’t upload to the cloud? Thank you in advance.

Google Photos waiting for Wi-Fi while Wi-Fi connected

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How to Clear Cookies for a Specific Website in Firefox 60 or Newer

firefox remove cookies for specific website

When you visit a website in your browser it stores cookie files in a temporary folder on your computer. As you may know, they serve for your browser to “remember” what pages you visited and what action you did on that particular website. For instance, you don’t have to put in your username and password each time if you keep cookies. All browsers have an option to clear cookie files – you click on a button and all of them are being deleted. But here is how you can delete cookies for a specific website in Mozilla Firefox without affecting the others.  Continue reading

Swipe Up on Home Button Instead Using the Overview on Android 9

new design of Android on-screen buttons

What does this mean?

Swipe on Home button means that the Overview button will disappear and you will have only Home and Back ones.

Is it convenient or not?

I have been using the new feature for a week or so and I have the following impressions.

Pros. I can say that in general I like this way of using the Home button. This is mainly because I prefer to use swipes rather than aim at small icons every time, because the last distracts your attention from more important things on your screen and in your mind.  Continue reading

How to See Which Apps Are Draining Your Battery in Android 9 Pie

battery discharge Android 9

How you can find out which apps, processes or hardware are using your battery’s power so you can think over how to optimize your Android device to reduce the power consumption.

Battery power is one of the most important issue of any Android device. Users often try various methods to save battery for the Android device to be able to work at least until the evening. The phone and tablet users report that average Android device needs to be charged twice a day if it is used actively. For example, if you use to surf the Internet, watch videos, take photos and listen to music you may have the battery literally empty at about midday.  Continue reading

How to Make Windows 10 Shut Down Instead of Hibernating

make Windows 10 shutdown completely

Do you remember what was the number one advantage of Windows 10? Right! It boots faster than all previous OS versions. But maybe you don’t know the reason why it does it faster. The answer is simple: because Windows 10 deceives you and just uses hibernation instead of shutting down. It just saves the RAM data to your SSD (HDD) and when you power on your PC next time it just restores its state. So the OS is shutting down completely only when you click “restart“.

Why do you thing you don’t see anything like BIOS / UEFI information? That’s why the hibernation item disappeared from the “Shut down or sign out” menu. There is no point in it anymore.  So here is how to stop this cheating and make your OS shut down honestly when you select the corresponding item in the menu:  Continue reading