What is Wi-Fi Bridge on a Huawei Phone? – Range Extender & More!

What’s this?

Wi-Fi bridge is a type of portable hotspot feature on Huawei smartphones that allows you to share your wireless connection with another phone, tablet, computer or some other device that supports the 802.11 b/g/n standard. It is equal to Samsung’s Wi-Fi Sharing. Keep reading and you will learn some curious facts about this feature.

How Wi-Fi Bridge Works

Wi-Fi Bridge creates a mobile hotspot but instead of sharing your mobile data connection it bridges your wireless connection to the hotspot you create on your Huawei smartphone. The main idea of it is that no cellular data is involved. If draw parallels with wireless routers, we can compare Wi-Fi bridge with the WISP-client mode.

What’s the Point in Using Wi-Fi Bridge?

The feature will be useful for you if:

  • you need to extend Wi-Fi coverage (it is not equal to the range extender technology but nevertheless it can help in extending the spot);
  • you don’t have or don’t want to waste your mobile data;
  • you don’t want to expose the password from your AP (wireless security key);
  • you don’t have time for setting up a guest network on your router;
  • finally don’t know (or forgot) the password to the current Wi-Fi hotspot but your phone is already connected to it (how you can retrieve wireless security key from your Android device with no root needed).

How to Configure and Use Wi-Fi Bridge on Huawei

  • go to Settings: Huawei Settings Android 9 EMUI 9
  • tap on Wireless & Networks at the top.Wireless & networks Huawei EMUI 9
  • dive into Tethering & portable hotspot: Tethering & portable hotspot Huawei EMUI 9
  • select Wi-Fi Bridge: Wi-Fi bridge Huawei EMUI 9
  • Here you should tap Set Wi-Fi Bridge to configure the hotspot: set Wi-Fi bridge Huawei EMUI 9
  • specify the name (SSID) and the password for your bridges connection:Wi-Fi bridge hotspot SSID and password
  • and finally activate the hotspot: activate bridge on Huawei phone
  • now you can connect up to 4 devices to your new portable hotspot which is bridged to your home or work Wi-Fi AP: Wi-Fi bridge on Huawei phone

Extra information

Be noted that:

  • Wi-Fi bridges consume quite a lot of battery power.
  • You can connect up to 4 devices to your bridged hotspot connection.
  • Wireless bridges can’t be used at the same time as Multi-screen, Huawei Share and Huawei Beam.
  • It goes without saying that download and upload speed of your hotspot will be significantly lower compared to the upstream wireless network.


From this article you have learned about Wi-Fi bridge, that is a kind of a hotspot that means the same as Wi-Fi Sharing on Galaxy phones and can be resembles a WISP-client feature if compare to wireless routers.

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  1. Do you know if all Huawei Phones have it? or which ones have it? if so, can you link the source? thank you

  2. in the google apps store there are apps that claim to do the same thing, so in a family can share the wifi connection between phones, this is supposed to increase the power of the signal, get rid of blind spots, and make the signal more stable, the average house has, let’s say 4 smartphones, a couple of laptops, one PC and at least one smart TV all can be bridged now in theory, we are becoming very connected. . .


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