How to Remove All Deleted Photos and Videos from iPhone to Free Up Space

delete items from Recently Deleted album

Everyone knows that photos and especially videos are able to take a lot of space in your iPhone’s storage. And as soon as iPhone doesn’t support external memory cards the free space issue is often one of the biggest problems. The thing is that every time you delete an image or video clip in Apple Photos or Google Photos you don’t actually delete these files from device but just move them to the “Recently Deleted” album. This album acts exactly as the Recycle Bin in Windows but serves only for storing removed pictures and videos. It means that tapping “Delete” in Photos or Google Photos app won’t free even a kilobyte of your storage itself until you empty the “Recently Deleted” album.

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How to Turn Off Repeated Alerts for Unread Messages on iPhone

unread message iPhone iOS 12

Repeated message notification can be a rather useful thing if you like it and actually want this repeated alert to sound. It is activated by default on all iPhones. What is it handy for? Perhaps, you receive an SMS while you are talking to somebody. And five minutes later you farewell to a person and forget about that text message. But there can be an important information in it and you may miss it.  Continue reading

Why iPhone X, 8, 7 Automatically Declines (Rejects) the First Incoming Call

The Question

I have been using my iPhone X for six month already and everything seemed to be totally okay. But about a week ago I noticed that I have a lot of missed calls in the Recents and people who managed to ring me up ask “Why are you rejecting my calls all the time?”. I was confused but now I understand, that the first call from a particular caller is being declined for some reason and only the second one is ringing. I’m 100% sure I couldn’t miss those calls. My iPhone is always near me and I’m in the quiet room and I’m not a deaf person. This is my phone that doesn’t play the ringtone and just sends a “busy” tone to the person who tries to call me. Could you explain why does my iPhone always reject the first call and what can I do to fix the issue? Thank you in advance.  Continue reading

How to Permanently Turn Off Wi-Fi and BlueTooth on iPhone

wi-fi and bluetooth permanently turned off on iPhone

Some time ago we wrote about new features of iOS that arrived in December 2017. Since iOS version 11.2 wireless modules on your iPhone started telling you Disconnecting Wi-Fi Until Tomorrow. But our reader asks: How can I turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on iPhone to make corresponding Control Center toggles transparent instead of being white. Just right the way they looked in iOS 11.1 before the December update. I mean switch them off completely, but not “untill tomorrow”.  Here we will explain how.  Continue reading

How to Check Battery Health on iPhone Without Third-Party Apps

how to check iPhone battery capacity and health

You must have heard that Apple confirmed that they are slowing iPhones’ performance as their batteries lose capacity. And they lose capacity as they age which is normal for every rechargeable battery. Apple says these (slowing down) measures are undertaken to extend the iPhone’s working time and improve its standby mode. It means that when iOS detect that your battery starts to lose the capacity the iPhone’s peak performance is being deliberately limited by using CPU throttling technology – decreasing processor’s frequency. And since iOS version 11.3 you are able to check the battery health condition and find out whether your iPhone is capable of working at maximum performance or not. And here is how to view these properties in the Settings without any third-party apps.  Continue reading

Find a Router IP Address on iPhone or iPad in 10 Seconds!

find a router ip address on iPhone iPad iOS 11

Who Needs to Know a Router IP Address?

In some situations you may really need it. The most frequent reason to find your router IP address is when you want to log in to its settings but the default IP address specified on the label seems to be wrong. Thus you have a choice: to reset your router to factory defaults and face all those mess with setting it up from a scratch or finally find the current router IP and gain access to its web configuration. And here is how to find it! Screenshots taken on iOS 11.2. Continue reading