Swipe Up on Home Button Instead Using the Overview on Android 9

new design of Android on-screen buttons

What does this mean?

Swipe on Home button means that the Overview button will disappear and you will have only Home and Back ones.

Is it convenient or not?

I have been using the new feature for a week or so and I have the following impressions.

Pros. I can say that in general I like this way of using the Home button. This is mainly because I prefer to use swipes rather than aim at small icons every time, because the last distracts your attention from more important things on your screen and in your mind.  Continue reading

How to See Which Apps Are Draining Your Battery in Android 9 Pie

battery discharge Android 9

How you can find out which apps, processes or hardware are using your battery’s power so you can think over how to optimize your Android device to reduce the power consumption.

Battery power is one of the most important issue of any Android device. Users often try various methods to save battery for the Android device to be able to work at least until the evening. The phone and tablet users report that average Android device needs to be charged twice a day if it is used actively. For example, if you use to surf the Internet, watch videos, take photos and listen to music you may have the battery literally empty at about midday.  Continue reading

Use Android Phone as USB Wi-Fi Adapter or LTE Modem for Windows PC

Android phone as USB Wi-Fi adapter

Sometimes friends ask me “Is it possible to use my Android instead of a USB Wi-Fi adapter/dongle?” Such question arises especially often when it goes about connecting your desktop PC which doesn’t have a wireless network card to the Internet. Another situation is when the Wi-Fi module inside your laptop is broken. In one of our previous posts we wrote about how to turn your Android device into a wireless router to share its mobile data over Wi-Fi. But what to do if your PC doesn’t have neither a Wireless card nor even a dongle?

Continue reading

How to Change Google Assistant to Male or Female Voice

change Google Assistant Voice

Google Assistant is built-in feature that helps you quickly get answers on your questions. You can just say “Ok Google” or long press the home button and start asking your phone or tablet to send email, call someone, find the nearest restaurant, or just learn what is the weather forecast for today.

By default Google Assistant uses a female synthesized voice. It is nice I should say. But you can make it talk to you using a male voice if you want something new on your smartphone. By the way it is cool to switch to a male voice just to surprise your friends and everybody around you. People will ask you “Wow! What app is this?” because they don’t know that you can actually change the voice. And here is a step-by-step instruction on how to do it in the voice settings.  Continue reading

How to Boot Your Galaxy S9, S9+ into Recovery Mode and Download Mode

galaxy s9 recovery

You may need to boot your Galaxy S9/S9 plus into Recovery mode if you decide to factory reset your phone or for example wipe cache partition that is often a must when troubleshooting persisting issues. The key combination for entering Recovery may seem unfamiliar to you since there is no physical Home button anymore on Galaxy S devices starting with Galaxy S8. In this guide we will explain the easy steps to boot into recovery and download modes on Galaxy S9 and S9+ with images. So you will always be able to reset your device from the ‘brick” condition, fix all the issues in the case if it is glitching, install updates, boot to bootloader, etc. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S4, S5 Cannot Detect New Ringtone

Galaxy S4 cannot detect ringtone

Today I will tell you about a strange glitch that happened to one of my Android devices this week. I decided to change the ringtone on my old Galaxy S4 (i9500) running Android 5 which I use now as my secondary cell phone. Thus, I prepared a small mp3 file that contained a short loop of a track and uploaded it to my Galaxy phone via USB cable. I stored the file into device’s memory because I don’t use a memory card on this phone. As far as I remembered it was necessary to store audio files in the \Ringtones\ or \media\audio\ringtones\ folders if you want your device to be able to detect it and show in the list of available ringtones. After I uploaded the mp3 file I disconnected the phone from my desktop PC, opened the Settings > My device > Sounds and notifications but I couldn’t find my new ringtone in the list. I remember that in the past I used to upload a new mp3, ogg or wav file to my Samsung Galaxy S4.  Continue reading